Ketelbink celebrates 1st anniversary!

Our first year we targeted to start with consultancy.
It has been an exciting year and a variety of results have been delivered.



Results include:

  • Development of a ship, environment & drive-train simulator with hardware in-the-loop (ongoing)
  • Crash stop distance prediction of combat ships
  • Some retrofit and new build total ship solution concept cases
  • After treatment engine impact assessment
  • Waste heat recovery concept optimisation (ongoing)
  • PTO/PTI loss prediction at low loads
  • Human machine interfacing for feedback during operation (ongoing)
  • Ship propulsion design verification and propulsion efficiency improvement recommendation based on 10-years operating profile data

Longer term targets include development and supply of monitoring and controls systems. But here we already delivered a first system during the first year and a second offer was sent couple of weeks ago for a novel ship propulsion concept.

1 year anniversary