About Ketelbink

Ketelbink's activities are in the field of excelling developments and performances of our client's products and equipment in the ship and offshore industry.

When starting, this ambition reflected in the companies name, to help improving ship operations.
In Dutch "manusje-van-alles", being the person for many things where needed on board.
Despite lowest in rank, now, 6 years later this ambition has been unchanged.


In 2014 Leo de Vries started with Ketelbink as a spin-off from Wartsila, dedicated to focus on increasing customer values in shipping.

Customers include Offshore Operators, EPC Contractors, Equipment Manufacturers, Ship Operators, Classification Societies and R&D institutes.

Main activities are consultancy projects, product development, in-house support at our clients, marine products development and monitoring & controls solutions.

Confidentiality, data security and computation power are of great value that enable to work with Customer highly confidential information and business development strategies.

Maritime expertise includes equipment knowledge, (in particular related to propulsion), ship performances, offshore moored structures, dynamics and controls.
Combined with physics, mathematical, computational and automation skills high-value services are delivered.

Leo de Vries

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