Our maritime expertise includes equipment knowledge, (in particular related to propulsion), ship performances, dynamics and controls.
Combined with physics, mathematical, computational and automation skills we are able to deliver high-value services.

Customers include equipment manufacturers, ship operators, class and R&D companies. Our main activities are consultancy projects, in-house support at our clients and monitoring & controls solutions.

Our services include:

  • Ship performance analysis and prediction – with a strong emphasis on propulsion, off-design conditions and design optimisation
  • Development and supply of Intelligence services, based on customer operations, strategies and ships
  • Monitoring & Controls products and services


  • Simulation based analysis of ship operations
  • Ship design support: system integration and total performances
  • Novel ship design studies: pre- and after treatment systems, wast heat heat recovery optimisation, wind propulsion integration, etc.
  • Extreme manoeuvres, for example crash stop capability predictions
  • Energy audits on-board
  • Monitoring & controls
  • Real-time advisory systems for crew on-board
  • Fleet management intelligence
  • etc.

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