During Seasons period we have migrated to a 64 bits Linux environment for our office applications.

After experiencing limitations at the starting of our company with Windows 8 and Office 365 we have completed the migration of our office environment to Linux successfully.

Our intelligence tools were already relying on Linux and have shown robustness and time saving.


Besides standard office tools our experts use expert modelling software tools.
With the current system in place all tools are made available.
Future software updates will continue automatically via the central organised repository update system.
Ketelbink is saving ICT overhead and a software cost per employee.

Our seasons donation has been given to support open source Ubuntu including an additional gift for Canonical Ltd. maintaining it.

Coulds and big data
Cloud solutions and big data are hot topics, also for 2015.
Different market players provide their services where dominant players are trying to focus of its own software applications in view of competition.
Linux remains the backbone of the internet and a lot our cloud solutions work well with a Linux kernel.
Furthermore, in view of big data, in-memory computing and live kernel patching will be the thing that catapults big data into realms of uptime and reliability never before known.

Running on Linux will hold powerful sway over big data in 2015 and beyond, with our prime focus on intelligence.
Our first office interfacing with monitoring tools connected to the web are just a start.

Migration to 64 bits Linux office enironment & Seasons Donation