Equipment characterisation, interaction between components, up-to total system behaviour under actual operating conditions are the elements that influence total ship performances.

Ketelbink is specialised in analyses and system integration of energy and controls related equipment.

Our services enable improvement of ship performances for our customers.

Our added value results into lowering investment cost, operational fuel savings, emission reductions, reliability and availability improvements for ships.

Awareness of equipment use

The impact on-board equipment design and operational decisions are not always well understood. Furthermore, from an engineering perspective, the implication of limiters and losses at equipment component level upon the operating cost are lacking awareness and understanding.

In view of ship operation, Ketelbink delivers better understanding of the merits that will increase the logistic reliability as well as the cost capabilities with fuel as dominating factor and reduce gaseous emissions.

Furthermore, loss of efficiency is often a first indicator of potential failures in the future. This may be caused by improper calibration where controls limiters become active introducing wear and tear. Or because of components that require maintenance or even replacement.

Another possibility is an unfavourable speed where either engines are running too light consuming unnecessary lube oil and sooth or operating close to load limits with no safety margin for manoeuvring and acceleration.

This is where Ketelbink has its expertise and services.